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March 24, 2019
On the Journey: Grace on the Journey
Focus Scriptures: 
Isaiah 55:1-9     Luke 13:1-9


Isaiah speaks of an invitation for God’s people to come to the Lord and experience abundant life through God’s unfathomable grace which is free of cost. God’s grace is defined as “God’s favor expressed to sinful humankind apart from any human works or worth”. In Luke, Jesus tells the parable of the barren fig tree.  A fig tree represents a people who have a special relationship with the Lord and who bear fruits of righteousness.  Here Jesus is describing Israel as a barren fig tree, not bearing fruits of righteousness, and who is sure to experience God’s judgment.  Whether we are on our Lenten journey or on life’s journey, we are called to accept God’s grace, which is free, and to show that we are worthy of bearing fruits of righteousness.  God’s grace is realized to the fullest through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Daily Devotion
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Click HERE to read Luke 13:31-35

In reading Like 13:31-35, while the words focus on Jesus as He continues to minister toward His death, the focus must be shared with Jerusalem and Herod as well. In them lie visions of rage and rejection, the inability to comprehend or even attempt to understand how one can have compassion for an enemy. Jesus not only faces challenges but creates in us our own challenges that we are left to face: when being a Christian is uncomfortable, do we continue to minister as Jesus did when faced with certain death? When facing life’s challenges, are we left to be full of rage or rejection? Herod and Jerusalem refused to listen to the messengers around them, telling them Jesus was the Son of God. We easily find similar examples in the political arena today, where we have lost the ability to even attempt to understand those we do not agree with. We are left with the option of failing to listen to the different messengers in our life and in turn creating our own demise, or we follow the path that God sets before us as Jesus did on His way to Jerusalem: with an open mind, open heart, and without fear because of our faith.

Written by Robbie Schwartz


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