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The Word Among Us
February 24, 2018
"The Word Among Us:  Loves"
Focus Scriptures: 
Genesis 45:3-11, 15     Luke 6:27-38

Joseph has every right to be angry. His brothers sold him into slavery because of their jealousy separating Joseph from his loving father for many years. When his brothers are brought before Joseph they do not recognize him as he has risen to the rank of second hand to Pharaoh. Joseph chooses to reveal his identity to his brothers and more than that to extend to them forgiveness and love, instead of anger and retaliation. Jesus calls us to love and show forgiveness in place of anger and retaliation. We are called to love, not just our friends and family, but also our enemies; those that are sometimes difficult for us to love. Those that may have wronged us, like Joseph’s brothers, we are called to forgive and show love.  The Word among us teaches that we have been shown infinite love and mercy by Jesus, and he now calls us to do the same for those around us.

Daily Devotion
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Click HERE to read Luke 6:17-26

It is almost inherent in mankind for us to want for something else. We may have a wandering eye when it comes to the opposite sex, jealous thoughts when we see a friend with a new car or a nicer house, or, maybe relating to this younger generation, when someone has more social media followers. But we are told in Luke 6: 17-26 that the world we live in is essentially upside down, in many respects the opposite of what life we are supposed to be leading because we are unable to see things through God’s eyes. He is able to see into our heart and soul, know exactly who acts piously or whose action are done out of humbleness. In the reading we see the words rich and poor and think solely of financial standing without giving due course to the spiritual side of our lives. It is very easy for us to be lost in the meaning of life here on Earth while losing sight of what lies ahead for those who follow God’s path in life. The Word of God is not necessarily what we want to hear but it is what we need to hear. The path many Christians take is not easy, but to stand before God at the end of it all and do so righteously, we must build our lives around those words.

Written by Robbie Schwartz


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