In-Person Outdoor Communion Services

Community of Grace is offering in-person Outdoor Communion Service Sunday Morning. If service needs to be cancelled due to weather conditions, we will determine that at least 1 hour prior to service time and post cancellation on the website homepage.

Sunday morning Zoom Service at 10:00 AM will continue each Sunday. We will also continue posting the recorded sermon on our website sermon page. 

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Celebration of Grace


Community of Grace invites you to join us for Worship via Zoom this Sunday at 10:00 AM.


We encourage you to use our on-line resources for discipleship; read the daily walk devotions, listen to sermons online and worship hymns. Click HERE to visit our recorded sermons page for worship resources.

Join us for Worship via Zoom this Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Click HERE for Sunday Morning Worship at 10:00 AM Zoom Link.
If we experience issues with Zoom on  Sunday morning, we will communicate changes; First via Zoom Chat if able, then post information on our website home page and our church Facebook page. 
Advent STIR Up
November 29, 2020
Advent 1: Stir Up Your Power
Isaiah 64:1-9     Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19 
1 Corinthians 1:3-9     Mark 13:24-37
This Advent season we ask God to stir up God's power in our world and also to stir up in us a desire for action and movement in faith as we enter this time of preparation and waiting. Mark's gospel points to the coming of the Son of Man and all the visual signs that will accompany him. When we stop and consider the return of Christ, we often turn our thoughts inward to reflect on how we have lived our lives as followers of Jesus. We are called this week to reflect on ourselves and our actions and yet also remember the power of the One who calls us into forgiveness and grace. Stir up your power, Lord Christ and come!
Daily Devotion
Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Use Your Voice!

“For how can I bear to see the calamity that is coming on my people? Or how can I bear to see the destruction of my kindred?” Esther 8:6. Esther was in a difficult position. She was married to the king and knew of a plot to attack the Jewish people, her people, for she was Jewish but had hid that identity from the king. She risked a great deal by speaking up for the people. Instead of passive silence she chose to speak up and advocate for those that could not. Her bravery resulted in the saving of the Jewish people as the king listened to her and stopped the plan to harm them. When we see others in pain or persecuted, we are called to follow Esther’s example and speak up. We are called to use our voices to help those that have no voice. Our call as followers of Christ is to love our neighbors, and that includes all our neighbors, every living thing God has created and placed on this earth with us. Where there is injustice and oppression we must stand up, knowing God stands with us, and do what we can to make it right. Use your voice! Use your gifts! Share the love of the King of all creation with all creation! Prayer: “Lord God, my strength and shield, give me courage to speak for those who cannot and to bring love to those who have never felt it. Amen.”

Written by Vicar Jamie Witt


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