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2021 Vision Board Members

Mary Anderson, President

Jon Halferty

Pastor Matt Henning

Karen Killian, Secretary

Kerri Lawton

Marian McCray

Beverly Price

Robbie Schwartz, Treasurer

Royce Spivey

Mike Supplee







Celebration of Grace2021 General Fund Commitment Card
After prayerful consideration, and with God's help, I/We, make the following commitment to Christ's ministry through Community of Grace Lutheran Church for the 2021 year.
*NOTE* Please make sure your commitment is for the General Fund Budget only, our Building Fund Budget is separate. If you would like to commit towards the Building Fund, please see Alexia.
This commitment may be revised or cancelled at any time by contacting the Pastor or church office.
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2021 General Fund Commitment

Community of Grace has been a congregation for 20 Years! Wow! What a gift from God this ministry is to all of us. And in Response to this gift, “Celebration of Grace” is the theme of our fall ministry appeal.  This theme points us to the grace and generosity that we have witnessed around our church in these last months, as well as encourages us to learn how we can grow in even more profound ways as disciples.


Everyone in our community has been affected in one way or another by the recent global pandemic and in the midst of this time, there are many stories to tell of acts of generosity and stories to share about how important this faith community is to us. We needed worship.  We needed to check in with each other.  We needed our congregation to remain strong and vibrant. During this time, the church found new and different ways to make sure these things were still a part of our discipleship.


Our grateful response in generosity helps to demonstrate to us and to the world around us that in fact God has provided us everything and we have enough, even enough to share.

Thank you for being part of this exciting congregation.  Pray for our common work together as we continue to reach out with the Gospel over the next 20 years.


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